Sunday, March 06, 2011

You can take it to the Bank

We had a great time Saturday night at The Bank Bar and Grille, where we took in the first (and only, they claim) performance by a bunch of Telegraph Herald/Woodward Communications colleagues as well as the Dubuque reporters for the Telegraph Herald's news coverage partner, KWWL.

The band calls itself Bad News.

Who knew that Channel 7's Lauren Squires was a drummer? And Becca Habegger played keyboard and handled vocals!

The first set ended with a guest appearance by Dubuque's mayor, Roy Buol, who did a nice job covering three Eagles tunes. That's Roy in the photo. Backup singers shown are (from left) Rachel Gull, Andrea Hauser and Megan Gloss.

Later, Ron Steele, KWWL anchor, came all the way from Waterloo to take his turn at the microphone. Unfortunately, that came past my bedtime, so I can't provide a review on Ron's performance.

Let's see. Who else did I see on stage? Kurt Ullrich, Ron Tigges, Hobie Wood and, sitting in for a couple of number, retiree Sid Scott. Joining them were a couple of professional guitarists, Rick Hoffman, representing Kephart's Music, and Denny Krueger, of Rondinelli Music.

The event was a fundraiser for the Haitian Project at Loras College. The place was packed, so I hope that organizers collected a nice sum of donations.

Bad News claims that last night was the only night. We'll see about that.

As colleague Erik Hogstrom 'tweeted,' it was a good night for Bad News.

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