Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Address book addresses passage of time

I keep pretty busy at work -- contrary to rumors, I do not take a nap every afternoon -- there are times of the year when the pace lets up and I can get to tasks I wouldn't even consider otherwise.

One such period came just before and after Christmas. So I embarked on the little job of updating and cleaning up my electronic address book. Not exciting or urgent, certainly, but a means to be a bit more efficient.

When I was finished going through A to Z, I had made 99 deletions. There were some duplicate entries, but most were files that went into the recycle bin.

In a way, the process was a little exercise that reflected the passage of time. Among the entries discarded were those for colleges my children no longer attend, restaurants no longer operating, salesmen who have retired, individuals who have died -- and several names I no longer recognize. I'm sure there was a good reason to save their contact info -- at the time, whenever that was.

Who knows, when I go through the address book again, what events will result in the next changes?

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