Friday, December 31, 2010

On the run in 2010

Here's a post that will interest no one, but will put me "on the record" for 2011.

Though I have the day off work today, and I stayed up way too late last night watching Washington exact revenge on Nebraska in the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl, I answered the 5 a.m. alarm to participate in our small running group's final jaunt of 2010.

Some 4½ miles later, I closed the book on my running for the year with 938 miles. I've had better years, but those a becoming a distant memory. That mileage total was my highest in at least four years. (640.2 miles in 2009, 759 miles in 2008 and 742 in 2007.)

I lost several days due to back soreness or injury (including my first-ever hamstring pull), but, as a mid-50-something, I need to expect aches and pains to go with the activity. I also noted that I took off both weekend days way too often.

Another mark on the positive side is that in mid-2010 I started a modest weight-training routine, thanks to the encouragement of my older daughter. I logged 49 visits.

My running log also noted other events:
  • A squirrel grazed my foot while scrambling down a tree (the squirrel, not me) (May 28)
  • I tripped when a wire on my Yak Trax shoe covering caught the cuff of my sweat pants. Shoulder pain. Twisted an ankle on the same run (Feb. 8)
  • Longest run: 8 miles -- above elevation of 10,000 feet, no less. (Aug. 1).
  • Shortest run: 1.5 miles, when my hamstring pull flared again (June 16)
  • Coldest weather for a run (not including wind chill): Minus-8 (Jan. 2)
  • Hottest run: 80 (afternoon of June 27 -- what was I thinking?!)
Anyway, for those of you needing to settle bets, here is my tale of the tape for 2010:
  • Days of running -- 229 (60%)
  • Miles covered -- 938
  • Average distance per run -- 4.1 miles
  • Weight workouts -- 49 (since June 30)
Goals for 2011:
  • Days of running -- 273 (75%)
  • Miles covered -- 1,100
  • Weight workouts -- 100
  • Complete the Turkey Trot 7½-miler without the big fade experienced in 2010
A year from today, we'll see how this panned out.

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