Friday, December 31, 2010

On the run in 2010

Here's a post that will interest no one, but will put me "on the record" for 2011.

Though I have the day off work today, and I stayed up way too late last night watching Washington exact revenge on Nebraska in the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl, I answered the 5 a.m. alarm to participate in our small running group's final jaunt of 2010.

Some 4½ miles later, I closed the book on my running for the year with 938 miles. I've had better years, but those a becoming a distant memory. That mileage total was my highest in at least four years. (640.2 miles in 2009, 759 miles in 2008 and 742 in 2007.)

I lost several days due to back soreness or injury (including my first-ever hamstring pull), but, as a mid-50-something, I need to expect aches and pains to go with the activity. I also noted that I took off both weekend days way too often.

Another mark on the positive side is that in mid-2010 I started a modest weight-training routine, thanks to the encouragement of my older daughter. I logged 49 visits.

My running log also noted other events:
  • A squirrel grazed my foot while scrambling down a tree (the squirrel, not me) (May 28)
  • I tripped when a wire on my Yak Trax shoe covering caught the cuff of my sweat pants. Shoulder pain. Twisted an ankle on the same run (Feb. 8)
  • Longest run: 8 miles -- above elevation of 10,000 feet, no less. (Aug. 1).
  • Shortest run: 1.5 miles, when my hamstring pull flared again (June 16)
  • Coldest weather for a run (not including wind chill): Minus-8 (Jan. 2)
  • Hottest run: 80 (afternoon of June 27 -- what was I thinking?!)
Anyway, for those of you needing to settle bets, here is my tale of the tape for 2010:
  • Days of running -- 229 (60%)
  • Miles covered -- 938
  • Average distance per run -- 4.1 miles
  • Weight workouts -- 49 (since June 30)
Goals for 2011:
  • Days of running -- 273 (75%)
  • Miles covered -- 1,100
  • Weight workouts -- 100
  • Complete the Turkey Trot 7½-miler without the big fade experienced in 2010
A year from today, we'll see how this panned out.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Early Christmas morning

Christmas 2010 is a slowly developing celebration for us, with part of the family having to delay departure from Des Moines until today due to Friday's snowstorm. But we are having fun with our youngest granddaughter, Elsie.

Things will pick up soon, with more family, including a couple of other granddaughters, due to arrive by late morning.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The shortest days

When you get up at 5 a.m. to go for a run outside, you notice certain things. Like darkness, for example. There is a lot of it during the fall, as our hours of daylight steadily decrease. According to my running log, I've been carrying a flashlight on my morning jaunts since Aug. 10. And I'll be running with one through at least mid-April, when our group starts our run in darkness and finishes in daylight.

Anyway, if there is anything good to be said about our recent blasts of wintry weather, it is this: The days now start getting longer. Sunrise today was 7:29 am, and sunset was 4:33 pm. The change is just seconds a day at first, but I'll take them. In six months, sunrise will be 5:25 am and sunset 8:43 pm. I can't wait!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It was 75 years ago today

Seventy-five years ago today -- Dec. 10, 1935 -- Jay Berwanger, son of a Dubuque blacksmith, received the first Downtown Athletic Club Trophy. By the next year, it was renamed the Heisman Trophy. Berwanger was flown to New York to receive the trophy.

The photo caption noted that Berwanger, of the University of Chicago, was the only player to be named to all of the various All-America teams in 1935.

Image © Bettmann/CORBIS

Thursday, December 09, 2010

To the airwaves

My Dec. 5 article in the Telegraph Herald about Jay Berwanger was on the Web, and it resulted in several nice comments -- and a request to be part of a sports radio program.

The station is KIIC, based in the southeastern Iowa community of Albia. From 1982 to 1986, we lived in Ottumwa, just east of Albia.

I should be on the air about 9:30 am Saturday with Mark Felderman, who has Bellevue ties. The interview should last 10-15 minutes.

The station has live streaming, so if you are having a boring Saturday morning, click this link and listen in.