Friday, August 06, 2010

Two concerts in three nights

As mentioned here a couple of days ago, we vacationed in Leadville, Colo., where we happened to take in two concerts to benefit the Community Outreach Program of a local church, St. George's Episcopal.

Legendary Judy Collins played the historic Tabor Opera House on Friday night (July 30). She opened the first of two sets with "Both Sides Now," closed the second set with "Send in the Clowns," and for her final encore number chose the classic "Over the Rainbow."

I didn't try to capture video with my point-and-shoot camera from the second row of the balcony. So here's a recent video of her opening number with the arrangement she played in Leadville.

The Tabor was built in 1880 (as the local mining boom was taking off), making it 10 years older than Dubuque's Grand Opera House. Unfortunately, the Tabor is not in such good repair, especially compared to the recently restored Grand.

Two nights later, on Sunday (Aug. 1) Madame X and I were at St. George's, where we heard an all-woman (except for the bassist) San Francisco-based band, Blame Sally, play to a full house (er, church) of about 100. The women of Blame Sally have a soft spot for Leadville, and they did the Sunday night gig on their way to larger venues in Colorado. Here's one of their videos.

When it was all said and done, and meaning no disrespect to a music legend, I think I enjoyed the Blame Sally evening better.

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