Sunday, July 11, 2010

So long, St. Louis

Photo: Marla Jordon. National Parks Service contest.

In May, Madame X and I took a trip to St. Louis, figuring that it would be our last occasion to visit the Gateway City in some time because, after five years of college and work in the city, our youngest, Greg, planned to move away later in the summer.

Then fate interceded. Greg suffered a serious knee injury in a pick-up basketball game and a few days ago underwent surgery to repair his ACL. So Mom and Dad made another trip to STL to be there for the procedure and to look after him for a couple of days. The surgery was successful, and the long rehab process is under way (to be continued as Greg starts his new job near Madison, Wis.).

While we wished the circumstances behind the extra trip were different, we do enjoy St. Louis. Though much of our time was spent in the hotel, checking on Greg's ice supply and medication schedule, the trip did allow me to call on all three of my sets of aunts and uncles who live in the area. By the third night, Greg was feeling well enough to go out for dinner at the Schlafly Brewery Tap Room.

The patient demonstrates his progress!

On my final morning in St. Louis, I went for a run that took me to the Gateway Arch. Touching the stainless steel landmark and craning my neck to see the top, I wondered when my next opportunity to repeat the experience will be. I'm sure we'll be back someday.

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