Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How I spent my (fall) vacation

I used a couple of vacation days last week for yet another trip to Chicago. I spent most of it in this building -- the main library of the University of Chicago, which houses a massive newspaper microfilm collection.

I used the time to go through the Daily Maroon, the UC student newspaper, for the final two years of Jay Berwanger's undergraduate years. The Daily Maroon, by the way, printed three days a week.

Berwanger, a Dubuque native and UC '36, won the first Heisman Trophy.

About 150 microfilm copies later, I came home able to fill some gaps in my bid to capture a better feel of campus life (including athletics) in 1934-36, when Berwanger was literally the Big Man on Campus.

My thanks to Ray Gadke, microform manager, for his support and assistance during my "campout" in his department.

Last week's trip might be my last to UC for research -- but then again you never know.

After organizing articles and notes, I hope to start writing by Christmas.

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