Sunday, October 04, 2009

Getting to the Point

Brewery Pottery, on the outskirts of Mineral Point, Wis.,
was built as a brewery in the 1850s.

Josie, Madame X and Andy outside Brewery Pottery.

Lots of the original (or extremely old) features
are still in use on the Brewery Pottery building.

Does anyone know? Is this a genuine Wisconsin badger?

Our Sunday activity centered on an outing to Mineral Point, Wis. We met our son and daughter-in-law, Andy and Josie, for lunch and stops in a dozen or so art galleries and shops.

It had been a long time since I spent any time in Mineral Point -- 20 years, I'd guess -- and the small community has evolved into quite the arts community. Lots of galleries, arts shops (including textiles) and working studios.

Highlights included Longbranch Gallery, an extensive tour of the Bruce Howdle studio, lunch at Cafe Four and finally the Brewery Pottery (where I finally remembered to pull out the camera).

On the Brewery Pottery campus we spied in an empty building a creature peering back at us. Was it one of those Wisconsin badgers? None of us knew for sure.

Anyway, Mineral Point will be among the Southwest Wisconsin communities participating in the Fall Arts Tour, Oct. 16-18. Consider checking it out!


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Gary Knowles said...

Nice report - Mineral Point is a neat artsy community and Cafe Four is a gem - with great wood fired pizzas and lots of locally grown products. The Brewery Pottery Gallery is great -- sometimes Tom or Diana will let guests get a peek at the spring that runs through it in the brewery cellar.

Kate's right - it's a woodchuck. Wisconsin has some, but not many Badgers. You might have heard in Mineral Point that Wisconsin's nickname - Badgers - was the result of some journalist, some say Horace Greely (sp?) - who watched the lead miners working their open pit mines on the hill and wrote that they "popped in and out of the holes like badgers".

Here's a good representation of a badger: