Friday, September 04, 2009

Wrigley excursion

Though I have publicly abandoned all hope of seeing the Chicago Cubs playing in the post-season, I did follow through (since I had paid for this five months ago) and go on a bus trip to a Cubs game on Wednesday.

Since we arrived at the ballpark before most of the players, we had time to kill. That included sitting in what I thought might be the worst seat in the house -- the most distant chair in the ballpark. But things are not always what they seem at Wrigley. Actually, from the spot pictured, a fan in Section 503 can look out onto Waveland Avenue, depository of opponents' home runs; gaze westward across the expanse of the city; see the sailboats on Lake Michigan; and get a pretty darn good look at the whole ballfield.

Next trip, I might request to buy that seat.

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erik hogstrom said...

The past two baseball games I have attended offer an opposing experience.
Sitting within the first five rows of home plate, I lose all sense of the grander stadium outside my scope of vision.
I actually get the sense that the players are playing for just those of us within those first five rows.