Thursday, August 27, 2009


I give up.

After the Chicago Cubs today lost 5-4 to the last-place Washington Nationals, lost the series to the aforementioned cellar-dwellers and remain nine games behind the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Central Division, I have exhausted all hope that this team will rebound and make the playoffs.

OK, the standings do make it clear that the Cubs would face long odds to catch the Cards now. But bigger leads have been lost this late in the season. (Remember the 1969 Cubs or, more recently, the Mets?)

In a way, it will be nice to have the rest of the season free -- free from concern about the Cubs. No need to check scores. No need to stay up past bed-time to watch the end of extra-inning games. I'm unsubscribing to the Cubs post-game alert e-mails; win or lose, I don't care.

For the record, I will still go to a game next week in Chicago as part of a bus trip. But also for the record, I bought my ticket in March, when every team is in First Place.

By the way, this is a separation, not a divorce. Cubs in 2010?

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