Sunday, June 14, 2009

1990: When Mr. G made headlines

Telegraph Herald front page: June 3, 1990
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Granddaughter Claire's participation (at age 2 years, 7 months) in "some" of yesterday's Grandview Gallop one-mile for kids on Saturday brought back memories of 19 years ago.

On June 2, 1990, son Greg, at age 3 years and 2 months, seeing his older siblings entered in the kids mile in a previous Telegraph Herald running event, The Paper Chase, announced that he wanted to run, too. So we signed him up, and he was given the smallest T-shirt available.

When the race began, and the older kids took off, Greg trotted the course with yours truly. My recollection is that he ran the whole distance -- no walking -- but one of us might have stopped to catch his breath. That memory is fuzzy.

Anyway, being by far the youngest entrant, Greg got lots of attention and encouragement from the spectators. TH photographer Mark Hirsch caught the image above of Greg, race shirt hanging out of his shorts, approaching the finish line. It made the front page the next morning.

As recently as 2-3 years ago, Greg wore that T-shirt, tight and filled with holes, in a triathlon. That must be some sort of record.


Greg said...

I think the last time I wore the shirt was last year, 4th of July. Fittingly enough, it was a one mile race. My time might have been a little better than my first race.

Anonymous said...

I was there for that event and thought it was great he finished. Awwww Greg.... look how cute you were! ~ Aunt Nancy