Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day at the Races

I mentioned the other day -- with video evidence -- how granddaughter Claire has the running bug. Her parents -- both runners who competed in college -- report that Claire hasn't played much with her toys lately; she prefers to run laps in the house or sprint along the sidewalk instead.

Anyway, it was an exciting time at Claire's place Saturday, when a local road race sent competitors in front of her house -- twice. And, to make it even more interesting, her Dad was among the top finishers.

Afterward, as the video shows, that inspiring scene soon had Claire and Ma racing up and down the sidewalk. (It was Claire's idea, by the way. And Pop was NOT welcome to participate.)

Claire is a likely entrant in Grandview Gallop 1-mile run (for kids 6 and younger) this June in Dubuque. Perhaps organizers should set an age group for 3 and younger.


Ellen said...

Nice video! My favorite part was when Ma and Claire raced back, stopped, high-fived, and then Claire just took off again! Unfair head start, I think :)

erik hogstrom said...

Great, great video. You need to rehab your knee so you can try to keep up with Claire!