Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekend in STL

Madame X and I paid a visit to our youngest son, Greg, who is just two months or so from graduating from St. Louis University with a degree in biomedical engineering. Despite our best intentions, we didn't visit him as often as we said (threatened) we would during his four years at SLU. We made Parents Weekend his freshman year and visited last June, when G had an on-campus summer internship. Seems we had another trip in there, but I can't recall the circumstances.

Anyway, we had a good time. We had lunch at Greg's place of employment, Dewey's, in suburban University City, where the pizza is second only to that found at Greg's aunt and uncle's place in Colorado, High Mountain Pies.

Afterwards, we caught up with G's girlfriend Julie, and we toured the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Massive does not begin to describe the place! Here's a tip: The tour involves several blocks of walking outside. Do NOT tour when it is 27 degrees and the wind is howling. Or at least be better attired for the outdoor segments of a tour. But it was interesting, free and included free samples.

Here's a little video.

We also visited Greg's lab, where he showed us his senior project -- a device to make it easier for laymen to accurately take blood-pressure readings.

After Mass on the SLU campus and breakfast Sunday, we made the 300-mile trek home. No stoplights between the SLU campus and the south edge of Dubuque! (Unless you need food or gasoline.)

When Madame X and I returned to town, we met Claire and her parents at a nearby restaurant. Dining Mexican is usually fast -- and the food arrived in good time -- but Claire eats at, shall we say, a deliberate pace.


erik hogstrom said...

I have been to St. Louis a couple times (I LOVE Ted Drewes frozen custard) but I have never tried St. Louis-style pizza. I heard the cheese is different/better.

Brian Cooper said...

We hit Ted Drewe's last summer. Quite the place. I don't know if the Dewey's pizza is officially "St. Louis Style," but it was excellent. Plus, Dewey's has a "team service" concept. So, the person who takes your order is not necessarily the person who delivers your food or refills your beverage (which happens frequently). Whoever is available to take care of the customer at the time steps in and gets the job done. No waiting for "your server" to get freed up.

KrazyFranco said...

St. Louis Style pizza uses Provel cheese ( ), first made in St. Louis and popular only in St. Louis. Imo's Pizza is the ubiquitous St. Louis Style pizza chain. I don't particularly care for Provel myself, but it isn't bad - maybe more of an acquired taste.

Dewey's serves hand tossed, New York style pizzas using the more traditional mozzarella and fontina cheeses.