Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Evening to remember

On Friday night I was surprised with an Iowa Newspaper Association Master Editor-Publisher Award.

This award comes around just once in a lifetime, so draw your own conclusions.

The occasion was made more special because several family members showed up upon the announcement to surprise me, including Madame X, Kate, Will, Ellen and, of course, granddaughter Claire. Ellen's boyfriend Adam was a good sport in putting up with all of it.

An added feature was that the announcement of the winners was made by Tom Yunt, former colleague and boss at the Telegraph Herald and now president of parent company Woodward Communications, Inc. Tom and I go back nearly 23 years, when I joined the TH.

Colleague Amy Gilligan, our managing editor, shot this video. Thanks, Amy!

And thanks to all the folks who helped make it an evening (and a career) to remember!


Mark Cooper said...

Hey Brian,
I loved seeing the video, and wish there was more to see. Were you actually complaining that the newspaper was spending too much money to send that many TH folks to the event? Not sure if I caught that correctly, but I can imagine it to be true.
We are so proud of you! Love, Mark and Janet

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brian! Very proud of you!! So glad your family could be there too.

Brian Cooper said...

Well, yes, I had questioned -- not complained. Me? Complain? -- that we were spending so much money, in challenging times, to attend this convention.

erik hogstrom said...

I was going to recommend you take the award with you to various events throughout the year and snap photos of it in different settings, but that gimmick has been done to death, frankly.