Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Behind the scenes

The Telegraph Herald and Waterloo-based TV station KWWL have been news partners for a couple of months now. That means, among other things, that we cooperate on major news stories and cross-promote our media outlets. Plus, the station moved its Dubuque news bureau right into the Telegraph Herald newsroom.

The station shot a couple of promotional commercials the other day in its new quarters, promoting the fact that we work out of the same newsroom. Several members of the TH staff received bit parts. As you'll see, Hollywood won't be calling any of them anytime soon.

Watch the finished commercial featuring Lauren Squires at top (or left, depending on your screen). Then, watch the video below it (or to the right) and see that things are not always captured on the first take.

Though they used to be the competition, we're glad to have Lauren and her colleague Jamie Grey sharing quarters with us.

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erik hogstrom said...

I have never heard such unbridled enthusiasm in all my life.
"Right guys?"
Cough! Cough!