Thursday, December 04, 2008

Worst dive ever!

It has been a couple of years since I hung up my whistle after a dozen years of officiating soccer. I never worked any World Cup matches, and I missed my share of decisions. But I think I could return to the pitch tomorrow and recognize this play for what it is -- a blatant dive by a player. An attacker offside, no less.

Incredibly, the referee rewarded the offender with a penalty kick (unfortunately, successful). Instead, the attacker should have received a yellow card (caution) for simulating a foul.

And the defenders should have received an indirect free kick coming out, not be forced to stand by and watch as they give up a cheap goal on a PK .

What do you think?


Kate said...

That's pretty obvious... I bet Claire could even spot that one.

erik hogstrom said...

I disagree: The blade of grass that tripped him should have received a straight red card and been brought before a Football Association disciplinary tribunal.