Friday, November 28, 2008

What recession?

It's Black Friday, the name assigned to the day after Thanksgiving, when retailers open extra-early and hope to fill their ledgers with black ink on Christmas gift sales.

On my regular drive to meet up with my running partner(s) at 5:15 this morning, I took note of the parking lots at several retail locations. My eyewitness report:

Kennedy Mall: Full.
Shopko: Full.
Staples: Full.

I'm not saying it was hard for shoppers to find a parking place. I'm saying full, as in the last space in the farthest reaches of the lot was occupied. (The photo above is just a representation -- if it were daylight and if I had a helicopter.)

Mind you, I did not enter any of those stores; shopping on Black Friday is for professional shoppers only.

The headline on today could be "Recession takes a holiday."

1 comment:

erik hogstrom said...

Thank goodness that photo is just a representation. For a second, I thought:
"What's THIS?!?! Newsconference blog has one-upped ROUTE 1 and gotten a HELICOPTER?!?!"