Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot 2008

For the past dozen years or so, Thanksgiving for the Cooper Family starts with the annual Turkey Trot at Wahlert Catholic High School. A low-key event with races of 2½ and 7½ miles, the Wahlert Turkey Trot has continued to increase in participation. It's sort of a reunion for the running community. Word was that today's race attracted a record 1,200 runners.

After sitting out the previous two Thanksgiving races due to injuries, and battling a pesky leg problem this fall, my goals for today's race were simple:
1) Run the 2½ miler.
2) Finish said 2½ miler.

Mission accomplished! I didn't run much harder than I do in my morning workouts -- partly because of the shuffling mass of runners the first mile -- but I was able to pick up the pace in the last 1½ miles and finished. My card said I was the 85th male finisher, and I was somewhere around 8th-12th in my age group.

The top finisher in our contingent (there were seven of us, including Ellen's boyfriend) was son-in-law Will, who finished around sixth in the 7½-miler. Talk about running in fast company!

I was a better runner than photographer today. But I did get these shots:

I probably could win a photojournalism award someplace for the mood,
symbolism, use of light and shadow, etc. In actuality, the camera hesitated to focus
while I tried to get a shot of Madame X finishing her race,
and this is what was there when the shutter activated.

The under-dressed Greg ran the 7½-mile event
with a friend and had plenty left at the finish.

With Claire (not shown) cheering her Mom on, Kate (and ?) finish the 2½-miler.

Next Turkey Trot: Thursday, November 26, 2009!

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