Sunday, October 19, 2008

Variety shows

Saturday afternoon and evening included a wide range of music.

Late afternoon, Madame X and I visited the Warehouse, where local band BlackBloom was among the groups playing at a Rocktober fundraiser for autism. A couple of members were friends with our younger daughter during high school and beyond. When member Brandon Hagen last weekend told us about Rocktober, we were glad it fit into our schedule.

Now, it might hurt BlackBloom's image if this gets around but this 50-something Grandpa enjoyed BlackBloom. They play with lots of energy, and they perform lots of original material. OK, so I might turn down the amplifiers a notch or two, but what can you expect at an event called Rocktober.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with one of the few (only?) cover songs in BlackBloom's set -- "Not Fade Away." That a group of 20-somethings perform a song that was first recorded 51 years ago tells me that they appreciate rock history. Sure, it was a more powerful and contemporary arrangement of the Buddy Holly number, a song covered many times over the years, but this oldies fan enjoyed hearing what a 21st century band did with it.

That evening, Madame X and I dined with friends at L. May and took in music of a different sort. The Bell Tower Theater presented Babes in Hollywood: The Music of Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney. The four-member cast was made up of members of the Slade Family of Dubuque: music teachers Steve and Teresa and two of their children, Andrew and Jillian.
The run concludes today.

After being among the oldest audience members at Rocktober, Madame X and I were among the youngest at the Bell Tower. What conclusions can be drawn about that?

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