Friday, October 03, 2008

Down but not (yet) out

My favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, are on the verge of their second early exit from the National League Divisional Series. Not only did they lose the first two games of the best-of-five series -- at home, no less -- to the Dodgers, they looked bad doing it. (Last year, they were swept out of the post-season by Arizona.)

The Cubs looked like anything but the team that racked up the best record in the National League.

Can they turn it around? Can they win three straight -- the first two on the road?

As someone who observed the collapse of 1969, the collapse of 1984, the whimper of 1989, the collapse of 2003, I struggle to muster any optimism.


Anonymous said...

I was blissfully unaware of the agony of 1969 at the time, but have groaned through the other years! I admit, I have NO confidence, I am predicting a loss tonight, but for once, would love to be wrong! Jane

erik hogstrom said...

I am wondering if losing in the first round is somewhat better than losing in the World Series itself.
The only baseball team I have ever followed, the San Francisco Giants, held a commanding lead late in Game 6 of the 2002 World Series.
The Giants had won their last World Series crown in 1954, when they were still the New York Giants. Since moving to San Francisco after the 1957 season, the Giants had made it to the series twice but lost both times (I attended one of the games of the ill-fated 1989 series).
Game 6 in 2002 slipped from the Giants' grasp, and the Angels easily won Game 7 -- provoking plenty of heartbreak for me.