Friday, September 19, 2008

Dick Locher: One of the nice guys

The highlight of my Friday (or week, or month) was spending a couple of hours with Dick Locher, Dubuque native and winner of the1983 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartoons. Locher also writes and draws the comic serial Dick Tracy. Locher has been with the Chicago Tribune for 39 years -- not bad for a second career.

For someone in his late 70s -- or anyone, for that matter --Locher maintains an incredible schedule, cranking out cartoons and enough Dick Tracy episodes to cover 365 days a year. And he still loves it!

Here is a link to a gallery of his recent editorial cartoons.

We visited over lunch at Star, the restaurant along the riverfront, and talked about our favorite subject, newspapers.

Friday night was the artist's reception at the Dubuque Museum of Art for Dick's exhibition, "Politics as Usual: Political Cartoons by Dick Locher." It continues through November 9. There, Madame X and I met Dick's lovely wife, Mary, who is also a native of Dubuque. (She revealed they met on a blind date while she was attending Clarke College.)

I've written this before and I'll do it again here: In a business where people seem to become more arrogant and aloof the larger their newspaper's circulation, Dick Locher remains as friendly, supportive and genuine as they come. We're proud that he is from Dubuque.

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