Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Do-it-yourself "race"

Leadville did not host a Boom Days 5k, as it had in previous years.

Two years ago, Madame X and I competed. Despite walking several times -- racing above 10,000 feet elevation is no picnic -- we fared well in our age groups. But it was a small event and, apparently, not popular enough to continue.

Disappointed but undaunted, we staged our own run one weekday morning last week. It wasn't 5k, we made up the route as we went along, and we avoided as many hills as we could, but we had a good time -- and drew a few curious looks along the way.

Though she had her own race number, Claire was a spectator, supervised by Aunt Ellen

For those of you in the betting pool, Greg outkicked Andy on the finishing hill to claim family honors.


Anonymous said...

Way to go GREG

erik hogstrom said...

Who handed out water bottles along the route?