Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Out of 'retirement' and out to 'Pasture'

After a two-year absence from the links, I found my golf clubs and went out to Timberline golf course and participated in the 24th annual Pasture Pool event.

The feature of the outing is to have farmers take a day (or part of it) off and enjoy nine holes of golf and a great dinner, all as a thank-you from local enterprises that appreciate the farmers' business.

I enjoyed my round with Richard and Mary Lou, and Jim and Bev -- who hardly ever laughed when I lined a shot into the woods.

This event is the 'baby' of Jim Theisen, president of Theisen's, who goes all-out to thank local farmers, putting loads of his personal time and his company's resources into making the event a success.

In the video, Jim talks about the event.

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Josie said...

What a wonderful event- Mr. Theisen is truly a great asset to the community.