Friday, July 18, 2008

Claire and the mayor

We attended the summer's second installment of Dubuque ... And all that Jazz Friday night on Main Street (formerly known at Town Clock Plaza).

Madame X and I have attended nearly 60 of these summertime events, which attract thousands, during the previous 16 years -- and not once did we get our picture taken with the mayor of Dubuque. Claire attends her first "Jazz," and gets her photo snapped with Mayor Roy Buol. Is that fair?

The mayor, who just became a grandpa for the seventh or eighth time the previous day, was more than happy to accommodate my request for a photo with my granddaughter. He was also happy to meet Kate (pictured) -- especially when I mentioned that she is one who is "coming home to Dubuque" -- as well as son-in-law Will.

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