Monday, June 30, 2008

Vote early and often

I'm on the Chicago Cubs e-mail list, and today they sent an appeal to get me (and several thousand others) to submit a vote for Kosuke Fukudome to make the National League All-Star team. And vote again. And again.

OK, I had a couple of minutes to spare. And, though I am not convinced that Fukudome, a star from Japan who came to the US this season, is playing well enough to start the All-Star game July 15, I also don't know who is playing better. So I accessed the ballot.

So, while voting for a guy who a year ago I had never heard of, I looked at the other names on the outfielder list. They included Felix Pie, of the Cubs organization. No all-star vote here. Not only is Felix not with the Chicago Cubs, he was demoted from the Cubs' top farm team all the way to Class A, where he is to get special attention for his hitting.

Also on the ballot is Jim Edmonds, listed as a member of the San Diego Padres. Not only is Edmonds no longer with the Padres, that team fired him several weeks ago. The Cubs picked up the former Gold Glove winner (with the Cardinals), and he has been performing well.

The way this All-Star system works, with fans voting their loyalties if not their heads, some injustices occur. Plus, the system makes it easy for fans to vote time after time after time, to a maximum of 25 times. (I voted twice. I swear that's all.)

At least now the fans can't complain as they did decades ago when players voted their peers onto the squads.

If you want to vote, do it by 10:59 pm CDT Wednesday, July 2.

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