Sunday, June 22, 2008

St. Louis weekend

We spent most of the weekend in and around St. Louis, starting with a reunion of my late mother's family. Most of the clan still resides around St. Louis (and, in the case of my siblings, Omaha). Our younger son, who attends St. Louis University and who has a summer internship is on campus, joined Madame X and me in representing the Dubuque Coopers.

It took longer to set up this picture than actually shoot it.
Pat's side of the family, including Dad and his friend Beverly.

Yours truly and siblings.
Dinner Saturday night was at the famous Hill district of St. Louis. We ate Italian, of course! Mama Campisi's. I recommend it.

Desert was at another St. Louis landmark, Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard stand. It has an interesting history. The business started in 1929 in Florida, but hit STL the next year. The stand pictured opened in 1941 along what was along the famed Route 66.

When I drove up and saw the immense crowd lined up at the windows, I figured we'd be there an hour. No way. The line moved incredibly quickly. I selected an Oreo Concrete, which tasted remarkably like a Blizzard, except it didn't have the trademark name and was made (as are all items there) with frozen custard.

Sunday morning's activities included Church preceded by a half-hour run during which Madame X touched the base of the Gateway Arch (wikimedia photo) and inspected the swollen Mississippi. However, the flooding in the region was bad, but not as bad an initially feared (thanks to some levee breaks upstream).

I like St. Louis. Despite the Cardinals, I like St. Louis.

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erik hogstrom said...

Great photos. I love Ted Drewes. I visited with my step-dad when we attended the NCAA basketball "Sweet 16" in St. Louis several years ago. I want to take Jill and the girls to the excellent zoo (not far from the Hill district) and to Ted Drewes one of these days.
I like St. Louis, too.