Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sportsmanship: Not dead yet

As someone who has played, "parented" and officiated athletics, I've seen examples of poor sportsmanship. Not the sort that makes national headlines -- though, come to think of it, in the 1960s, one of my youth baseball coaches was written up in Sports Illustrated for punching out another dad after a youth football league meeting -- but bad sportsmanship nonetheless.

Today I came across a story that tells me the integrity and sportsmanship have not disappeared from the sports scene.

It happened the other day in the Northwest, at a pivotal small-college softball game. It involved one of the league's top players and a reserve who nearly lost the only home run of her college career. The importance of the game did not get in the way of doing what's right.'s Graham Hayes tells the story in a compelling way. The New York Times has picked up on the story as well (with a nod to Hayes and WCBS-AM).

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erik hogstrom said...

This is a great story.
I imagine many people in the crowd were teary eyed as this was going on.
I know some people who went to Western Oregon. It is considered Oregon's "teacher's college," because its education department has produced so many educators. It's a great school.