Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guest visitor: Mark Twain

Also going with us to Chicago this weekend was Mark Twain.

Well, not actually the writer, but the Associated Press award presented to the Telegraph Herald a couple of months ago. In the tradition of hockey's Stanley Cup, TH staffers are borrowing "Mark" and showing him various parts of the world. His adventures are part of a blog maintained by Erik Hogstrom.

This weekend, Mark was with us in Chicago.


mike said...

Here's another connection between Mark Twain and the Telegraph Herald:

Mark Twain, To the Editor of the Dubuque Herald, 24 April 1874

Will & Kate said...

Nice video!

Claire liked the sax playing, but the train was even better. :o)


Brian Cooper said...

The rogue promoter of a Twain appearance was a forerunner of the guys who recently promoted a bogus show by Chamillionaire. They were caught, too.