Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake? Was it or wasn't it?

An earthquake rattled the Midwest this morning. Officials say it occurred at 4:37 a.m., and was based in downstate Illinois. No reports of injury or damage thus far.

I was awake -- sort of -- at that hour. In my groggy state, I thought a heavy vehicle of some sort was rumbling up our street. Instead of the vibrations of a truck, was it this earthquake? Madame X says she now recalls noticing something about that time. But neither of us is sure.

How about you? Did you -- for sure, or probably or perhaps -- feel this morning's temblor? Share your account here.


erik hogstrom said...

Kerstin and Annika felt it. It freaked out the cats. I didn't feel it, but I barely felt the 1989 Loma Prieta quake while living back home in the Bay Area, so I am not a good barometer of earth movements.

Will & Kate said...

definitely was sound asleep and felt and heard nothing.


KrazyFranco said...

I stayed up late last night watching 'the mothman prophecies,' a stupid scary movie, only to be woken up, finding myself in a shaking bed, hearing the sounds of rapture. It only lasted for a 5-10 seconds. When I worked up the nerve, I got out of bed and called Julie, who had heard nothing. And then I got scared.

Justin said...

I didn't wake up, as your son may have noted, but in St. Louis, around 10:20 AM CST, I'm fairly certain I felt two small tremors, an aftershock I guess, about five seconds apart.