Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another step toward the grave

They have been after me for more than three years, sending me enticing mailings and espousing the benefits, and I finally gave in. I joined AARP.

I became eligible at age 50, but resisted until now. But now that I'm a grandpa, and the word "retirement" sounds sweeter, I figured to take the plunge. For less than $10 a year, can you go wrong? Heck, I'll make up the dues fee in hotel discounts.

By the way, what time does the Earlybird special end?

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erik hogstrom said...

I think this membership now entitles you to begin each sentence with:
"Well, back in my day, we..."
Unfortunately, I think this membership mandates that you eat at least two meals per week at a buffet-style restaurant.