Thursday, March 06, 2008

Surprise nomination

I received a surprise in my e-mail this morning, when I learned that my Red Faber biography is among 10 finalists for the prestigious Larry Ritter Award of the Society for American Baseball Research.

The award honors "the best book published each year, primarily set in or primarily about the deadball era."

The award subcommittee announced the books under consideration. The other nine finalists:

Balloting begins this month, and award is presented at the SABR convention this summer.

You've heard it said, "It was an honor just to be nominated"? Well, that's my feeling here. And it's a surprise to be nominated, because I had no hand in it.

I haven't read the other eight books, but I'm just finishing Macht's biography of Connie Mack, and it's tremendous. (More on that soon.)


erik hogstrom said...

It's like the OSCARS of baseball books!
Now you'll have to go to the SABR convention.
Will they have a red carpet? What will you wear?
Have you got your speech scribbled on little notes yet?
"I'd like to thank the academy -- I mean -- the Society..."

Brian Cooper said...

Let's not get carried away! Looking at the field of nominees, I think I might be the Tommy Thompson or Tom Vilsack of the group -- the one making an early exit.