Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dubuque Night in Des Moines

Even in this Internet age - with e-mail, Webinars and cell phones - sometimes there is no substitute for "face time." It takes personal interaction to get things done.

That's why the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce continues to host its annual Dubuque Night in Des Moines, the 35th installment of which Wednesday night jammed Diamond Jack's at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

I am not a regular at Dubuque Night. In fact, my only other visit was 1992 or earlier. It was such a good time, I will plan to attend again sooner than 2024.

The reception is an opportunity for Dubuque governmental and community leaders to tout their All-America City with their guests - Iowa legislators, state officials and maybe even a bureaucrat or two - and to convey thanks for previous support. Some 375 people, including about 50 lawmakers, attended.

Also in the house was Gov. Chet Culver, who apparently had a good time -- he stayed and chatted for more than two hours. With his was his wife, Mari, who is a Dubuque native.

Since I was the only Telegraph Herald newsroom employee in the house -- well, as it turned out, Megan Gloss was there, but she was "on duty" with the band -- I filed a short story and captured some video. The final product appears on our newspaper's web site. For the video, edited back at the ranch by Tony Frenzel, go to our Multimedia center and click on Mayor Roy Buol's face.

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