Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back home again

My vacation time in Florida ended when this American Airlines jetliner pulled away from Gate D4 at Southwest Florida International Airport at Fort Myers. Despite being stuck in a holding pattern for 20 minutes about 150 miles from Chicago -- something about a runway at O'Hare being taken out of service -- I managed to make my connecting flight to Dubuque.

My Dad, shown with Beverly, were wonderful hosts. The vacation time -- three days, following a newspaper conference -- consisted mostly of, as my Dad likes to describe it, "Doing nothing, slowly."

For the record, this business of visiting Florida during the winter season is not without peril. This sign appears just a few steps from the entrance to Dad's building. There have been alligators just on the other side of the fence, occasionally giving animal control officers a tussle. No sightings this trip, however.

Though it was a relaxing trip, it is good to be back. Really.

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Zonie said...

Glad to see that the trip was safe and uneventful (as far as gaters go). Welcome back to the reality of our winter.