Monday, March 03, 2008

After 122 years, moving on

The Sporting News, the nation's oldest sports publication, is moving from its original home, St. Louis, to Charlotte, N.C., the Charlotte Business Journal reports. The Sporting News' online operations moved there last summer.

In my baseball research, I make heavy use of back issues of The Sporting News -- for nearly a century THE publication for baseball fans. (In recent decades, the publication has suffered at the hands of competitors and, of course, instant sports via the Web.) In its earliest years, the publication also covered the theater.

The web version of TSN microfilm is a bit fuzzy, but it is searchable and oftentimes the only source for certain arcane information, such as minor league line scores or standings. Searching is free through Paper of Record. Try it.

I feel sort of sad about the move -- but why? It's a national newspaper, so it's not like the baseball Cardinals, football Rams or hockey Blues will receive any less coverage. It uses all the current technology for its newsgathering and processing, so it really doesn't matter where the content is amassed and processed.

Still, I think it's unfortunate that, after 122 years in the same city, the magazine is being moved to be closer to its corporate siblings.

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erik hogstrom said...

I am saddened by this news as well.
I always related The Sporting News to the mythical "heartland," which was easy to do as the paper was based in St. Louis.
Charlotte just doesn't seem in the same, vague geographical territory.