Thursday, March 27, 2008

3 clowns in the sub shop

So there I was, just enjoying a relaxed, business-related lunch at a local sub shop, when a couple of clowns walked in.


Dave and Cherie Gregg, a husband-wife clown duo, were in Dubuque on Wednesday to drum up publicity for the arrival of The Big Show, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, May 10-11.

They entertained people on Main Street and elsewhere around town -- and they stopped in Pickerman's to provide some lunchtime entertainment.

"I need a volunteer," Dave announced, standing about two feet from me. "Preferably someone wearing a yellow shirt."

At a performance in Thailand, I once volunteered to lie flat on my back while an elephant stepped over me. I survived that, so I figured a mishap with juggling tools couldn't be too painful.

To add to my experience, it happened that the clowns were being shadowed by a Telegraph Herald photographer, Kori Newby. She was good enough to share the images. (That she was ordered to do so had nothing to do with her cooperation.)

By the time the exhibition was over, there were three clowns entertaining the patrons.


erik hogstrom said...

Lesson learned: You should have never worn a yellow shirt.

Stalin said...

So proud. Way to go Dad!

Brian Cooper said...

Gee, you're right.
How ironic that he'd ask for someone in a yellow shirt ... and there I was, in a yellow shirt, sitting right there. What are the odds!?