Friday, February 29, 2008

Wind chill factor!

After my newspaper conference ended, I was able to spend a few days with my Dad at his long-time winter quarters, Emerald Pointe.

I know that NewsConference readers in Dubuque and elsewhere in The North (as they call it here) will feel extremely sorry for me, and concerned for my welfare, when I reveal this: It has been cooler than average the past couple of days. In fact, the TV meteorologists here were actually discussing wind chills. Seriously.

The temperatures dipped to 42 degrees here one day, when some residents resorted to wearing stocking hats, gloves and multiple layers. I received more than one curious glance during my morning run, during which I wore shorts and a T-shirt (well, and shoes). It warmed up to a brisk 52 the next morning.

By the way, Dad's yacht is not shown in the photo. He'll need a yacht first.

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