Saturday, February 23, 2008

What would you do with two extra hours?

Let's face it: We all lose (or waste?) time, here and there, every day. Sometimes, it's our own doing. Sometimes, someone else causes it. Sometimes, it's unavoidable, due to weather or other situations. Usually, time is lost in dribbles and drabs, and we hardly notice it.

However, twice this week, I noticed. Twice I lost solid one-hour chunks of time. That makes two hours -- on top of the aforementioned dribbles and drabs.

The first hour occurred Sunday. After engaging in back-spasm-inducing efforts, during yet another snowstorm, to clear our driveway and keep my commitment to help serve a meal at a church retreat, I arrived at the appointed hour. Only then did I learn that procedures had changed and my services would not be required for another hour (at least). Organizers knew about the change; the volunteers were not informed. On a good-weather day, I might have done an errand or two. But it was tough enough to get there during the storm; I wasn't about to venture out until necessary. So, I had an hour to sit and reflect on Christian forgiveness and patience.

Last night, I walked hurriedly from work to Five Flags arena. I was finally going to follow through on my statement, seasons in the making, to attend a Dubuque ThunderBirds hockey game. The team is in its sixth season here, and and year after year, I would state (usually at our 4 p.m. news meeting) that I intended to attend a game. It got so bad that our news editor recently observed, "You always say that, and you never do." Busted. Anyway, Friday was going to be the night. I rushed to the arena a minute or two late, bought a ticket, found a seat and wondered by the 7:05 game still hadn't started. Then I learned that I had just missed the announcement that the game would start an hour later than scheduled due to weather-related travel problems experienced by the visitors from Cincinnati. The snow was so bad out East, the team's charter bus company refused to make the trip. The team arranged for vans and arrived in Dubuque only about 6:30.

An hour wasn't enough time for me to go back to work. So I killed time working through e-mail on my Blackberry.

Anyway, two lost hours this week.

Reader response opportunity: If you had two extra hours in the week ahead, what would you do with it?


Will & Kate said...

I've been thinking about this question a lot lately, since my commute here in Madison is 30 minutes on a good day, and this winter it has been regularly closer to 45-60 minutes (one-way!)

I don't know how long my commute will be once we move to DBQ, but I imagine I'll have at least an extra 3-5 hours a week once we move! (EVERY week!)

I still haven't decided how I'll spend it, in competition are: spending more time with Claire, more sleep, working on lectures/other work, reading, internet, spending time with Will (in no particular order, of course).


KrazyFranco said...

I vote for 'going back to bed'

erik hogstrom said...

Watch a movie.

Ellen said...

I think I'd do some yoga and then take a quick nap.

KL Snow said...

I'd probably read and comment on blogs while I should be working.