Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weather dichotomy

It felt a bit odd for me -- walking from the hotel pool, along a boardwalk, to the marina -- knowing that I was experiencing Florida while folks back home in Dubuque were experiencing yet another school-cancelling winter storm.

I was so uneasy about it, I cut short my poolside nap.


Will & Kate said...

When Mom sees these pictures she'll have even more chores for you when you get home... to make up for all the snow she had to shovel all by herself!

erik hogstrom said...

OK... Now you are *REALLY* rubbing it in. Two more inches are arriving tomorrow.

Brian Cooper said...
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Brian Cooper said...

The day after those photos were taken, I had to wear a windbreaker because it was so cold. It was below 70 and breezy! I'm not exaggerating!