Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mmmm good

What's the oldest item in your kitchen or pantry? (Food item. I'm not talking about your spouse.)

I came across my answer yesterday while going through the items I keep in my office for those occasions when I can't get out for lunch (due to weather or schedule or whatever).

I knew it had been some time ago that I bought bouillon cubes to have on hand for emergency sustenance. I used them occasionally. Make that rarely.

Anyway, because our newsroom is undergoing renovation, and in the near future I will need to vacate my office for new quarters, I am tossing stuff and stuffing stuff into boxes.

For the first time in a long time -- perhaps ever -- I took a closer look at the beef bouillon jar's expiration date. Those babies expired during the Clinton Administration. The first term. Early in the first term. As in October 1994.

I'm glad to report that, 13 years after expiration, no mold was visible. Still, I wonder: What is the half-life of bouillon cubes?


Stalin said...

You didn't throw those out, did you?

Brian Cooper said...

I thought it best -- lest the place be declared a Super Fund Clean-up site!

Will said...

You know under Superfund law you are still liable for the cubes, right?