Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leadville responds

Folks in the Leadville and Twin Lakes area of Colorado are being proactive in addressing the reports about the environmental and safety danger confronting their area.

I received a push e-mail from Leadville, seeking to address questions and allay concerns about the threat of a flood of contaminated water backed up in abandoned mine tunnels.
The e-mail included FAQs:

What happened?
The Lake County Commissioners declared an emergency on Feb. 13, 2008. The reason for this declaration was a build-up of underground water on the east side of Leadville. This water build-up has been rising steadily for years. Because of certain conditions, including the heavy snowpack this year, this action was taken to help protect the area, its residents and visitors.

Is Leadville water safe to drink?
Yes. Parkville Water District continues to provide superior quality water and monitors the water quality daily.

Is Leadville a safe place to be?
Yes. There are a lot of great reasons to visit Leadville and Twin Lakes now, including Ski Cooper and the Crystal Carnival and Ski Joring competition on Mar. 1-2.

Is downtown Leadville in danger?
No. The historic downtown districts of Leadville and nearby Twin Lakes are not in the path of the tunnel. The concern of the County is primarily centered on those residents who live at Village at East Fork in close proximity to the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel Treatment Plant.

Has a blowout already happened?
No. The Commissioners are working to prevent such an occurrence. There have been no injuries, no evacuations. It is business as usual in Leadville.

More information: Save the Arkansas River.

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