Friday, January 04, 2008

Pay a premium at the buffet line?

The Associated Press recently picked up on the story of a Louisiana man's beef with a buffet restaurant. It seems that the Asian buffet restaurant charged the man, a regular customer for several months, and a relative extra (about double, in fact) because he always ate so much -- and so much of the expensive seafood.

Not only that, the former customer complained, but the staff made derogatory comments suggesting -- this will surprise you -- that the man is obese. Of course, the story goes downhill from there and involves police and apologies, etc.

The incident reminded me of a visit Madame X and I made to a huge buffet operation in Pennsylvania last summer. Make no mistake: We enjoyed full meals. But compared to the other patrons, we were rank amateurs in the Plate-Piling Department. Noting the overweight status of virtually all the patrons, we concluded that they had been to several buffets. At one nearby table, super-sized diners had to receive assistance to get up from the table.

Do buffet restaurants cause their patrons to become overweight? Or are people who are obese more likely to patronize buffets? Let's chew on that a while.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting query! It may be the buffets, or it may be the geography of the said buffets! Having just today returned to the midwest from our favorite "2-mile high" town in CO., my family and I observed during a quick fast-food stop in Des Moines that once again, after a week of 'seeing slender', we were surrounded by not just overweight people, but yes, that p.i. word, obese people!! Welcome home!!!