Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not so bad

A couple of days ago, I advised against running alone during extremely cold conditions -- especially when it's dark.

This morning, with the thermometer reading minus-12, and facing the fact that none of my running partners appeared at our meeting place, I had to make a decision: Follow my advice or turn around and, despite investing about 15 minutes bundling up and another 10 driving to our meeting location, head home.

I compromised, sort of. I cut a mile off the route, covering 3 miles, all the while reminding myself how I would use my flashlight to flag down a passing vehicle should I take a tumble and be unable to get up.

No life-threatening situations to report.

All in all, it didn't feel any colder at 12 below than it did yesterday -- what was it, 4 below? -- though I did put on heavier clothing today.

What's been the coldest temperature in which you've done any physical exercise?


erik hogstrom said...

Seven above. There was no wind, though.
The hottest? My sister and I played tennis once at Encanto Park in Phoenix, Ariz., when it was 110.
Dry heat? Not when you're whacking a tennis ball around!

Stalin said...

I ran all winter in college and one year always wore shorts, just to do it. I definitely did this when it was 20 below with windchill, not a great idea but I made it- mainly because Josie forced me to wear a hat.