Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New year, new focus

If you're among the few, the proud and the brave visitors to this blog, you know that it suffers from an identity crisis.

Is it a personal blog? Is it a blog associated with my full-time occupation of newspaper editor? Is it both? Neither?

Anyway, with the arrival of a new year, I have arrived at this decision: NewsConference will be personal. Comments or announcements in connection with my role at the Telegraph Herald will be on my blog at the newspaper's web site, THonline.com -- once our folks improve and reactivate blogs.

All in all, it won't be a huge change -- most posts have been personal anyway -- but thought I would announce this re-focus.

Applications for refunds will be accepted started tomorrow.

1 comment:

erik hogstrom said...

I think this is a good decision. I think it will provide you a nice outlet, for all of the things that do go on outside of the office.