Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How small a check is too small?

The article's headline on the MSN site caught my eye: How far would you go to cash a 35-cent check?

The author, Donna Freedman, recounted her travails to cash an insurance refund check in the amount of 35 cents.

I opened the article because, somewhere in the pile of papers on my desk at home is a credit-card rebate check. The amount: $0.01. That's right, the credit card company (one I rarely use, obviously) with a cash-back program went to the trouble to send me one cent.

I intended to sometime include that check when I had others to deposit, but never quite got around to it.

That check arrived in August 2006, so it has likely expired, and the credit card firm probably has invested my penny with Wall Street, where it is now worth 78/100s of one cent.

What is the smallest check you remember receiving? Did you cash it?


erik hogstrom said...

I remember receiving a check for a buck something one time. I think that was some sort of rebate as well.

Brian Cooper said...

If the check has an integer to the left of the decimal point, I'm cashing it!