Thursday, January 31, 2008

He's No. 1!

Though his video was most viewed and voted best, brother-in-law Shawn's Spokes4Folks project did not receive funding from WOWT.

Here's the announcement.

Despite this, congrats to Shawn for a video well done, and for spearheading the service project.

I know at least one other NewsConference visitor clicked on brother-in-law Shawn's video for the WOWT "Pay It Forward" promotion. Thank you!

Here's an update:

According to an irrefutable source -- my sister -- his video received the most Best votes and the most Views on the WOWT site. And I must say that it certainly appears that way. Sort it yourself and see.

So, is there any way SPOKES 4 FOLKS won't win one of the six $1,000 prizes? According to said irrefutable source, yes. But I'm not sure how that could happen.

In any case, don't count your chickens, etc. But it looks promising. Official announcement on Friday.

Congrats, Shawn!