Friday, January 25, 2008

Hauling glass the other day posted an article about urban myths and legends regarding travel. While the article mostly debunked or pointed out the obsolescence of some of the things people say about being on the road -- hotels transferring your credit card info onto the magnetic strip on the back of your key card, for example, is bunk -- there was some truth in some "legends."

For example, the cleanliness of the glasses in hotel rooms. Just how clean are they? And how are they cleaned? As the article stated:

Sadly, the one that claims hotel maids do terrible things while “cleaning” your room can be all too true. Hygiene standards at hotels are, frankly, in the toilet.

The article referred to the investigative report by an Atlanta TV station, linked here.

I won't assume those glasses are clean again. I think I'll toss some plastic cups in my suitcase before my next trip.


M&S Franco said...

That's just disgusting. And exactly why I never stay at the Ritz. I only stay at places where the cups are plastic wrapped in more plastic.

Stalin said...

Yeah I never use the glass glasses- I learned about this a while ago from other work travelers. If there is not wrapped plastic cups I just buy a bottled water in the lobby and refill from the tap...

Also- never, never, never get ice in a drink or any hot beverage on a plane. Ice, coffee, and tea have more feces than your average toilet seat... Ice in general is not good anywhere shady.

Anonymous said...

Try this-- fill your questionable hotel glass with straight vodka, only for the purpose of killing germs, of course, but don't waste it, drink that, then enjoy good old tap water in your sterile glass!! This method also avoids the possibility of contaminated bottled water!! And enjoy your stay!