Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Gimmick of interest

After watching Missouri trounce Arkansas in football's Cotton Bowl, and while taking care of a few paperwork items, I switched to NBC TV's live broadcast of a National Hockey League game.

What's the big deal? The game is being played outdoors, in a Buffalo football stadium. In a snowstorm.

As you might expect, the broadcasters are focused more on the novelty of the environment and less on the actual competition, which is sort of sloppy due to the conditions.

However, as the contest went into overtime, and then a sudden-death shootout, we heard more about the game and less about the snow. (By the way, Pittsburgh won in the shootout.)

Anything to try to boost hockey's sagging following in the U.S.

Maybe NBC and the NHL are onto something. What's next? Football in a swimming pool? Night golf?

What sports gimmicks would you like to see (or perhaps NOT see)?

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erik hogstrom said...

We watched the game as well. I think it went beyond novelty, because so many of the players (those from Canada and Europe, for example) would have started playing the sport outside. For these players, the outdoor game served as a reminder of the sport's (and their) origins.

Brian Cooper said...

You might be right. I considered the origins of the North Americans' experiences with the game, but I'd be curious in this day and age, how many of those NHLers actually played much outdoors when they were kids.