Friday, December 14, 2007

Feature and felony, all on the same page

Here's a tip for wanna-be felons. Before or after you steal somebody's wallet, change clothes. Or at least don't have your photo taken by a newspaper.

In Clarkston, Wash., a convenience store surveillance camera captured a man lifting a woman's wallet. Authorities provided the photo to the Lewiston (Idaho) Tribune.

Meanwhile, Tribune photographers, out "enterprising" (as the Telegraph Herald photogs call it), saw a nice, seasonal scene of a man painting a holiday greeting on a storefront window. The painter gave his name to the photographer for caption information.

The two images came together on the front page of the Tribune. Copy editors assembling the page noticed the similarities -- including identical attire -- and contacted police. After the paper came out, Tribune readers and authorities made the connection, too.

Michael Millhouse faces a felony theft charge.


Kevin said...

Awesome. What an idiot.

erik hogstrom said...

That is hilarious.