Monday, December 10, 2007

Brunch with a beat

The past weekend was our getaway to Chicago. Michigan Avenue -- the Magnificent Mile -- was jammed with shoppers on Saturday (less so on Sunday). I dare say no one traveled so far to purchase so little.

But shopping was not a top priority. Seeing the sights, enjoying a few restaurants and experiencing in the city at Christmastime were.

A highlight -- or at least the most unusual event of the trip (besides nearly slipping on icy sidewalks Saturday night) -- was dining at Dick's Last Resort. It's a bar most of the time but serves a good brunch on Sundays.

The attraction was a Beatles Brunch featuring The Cavern Beat, a Beatles tribute band. The guy playing Paul's part even plays guitar left-handed! The drummer sang Ringo's numbers.

I failed to bring my camera this trip, but I found videos of the group posted by a band member. For the heck of it, compare The Cavern Beat's rendition of "Some Other Guy" with the real thing, captured in Liverpool, 1962.

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