Saturday, November 10, 2007

New trick

It's been said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

What about teaching an old rabbit?

Our house rabbit Maddie, who is about 4 and recently marked the second anniversary of joining the Cooper household, this week demonstrated a new trick: Jumping on top of the drop-leaf table in our family room.

Further, she does it in the dark. We turn on the lights after returning from dinner or first thing in the morning, and there she is, quietly gazing at us from her new perch. (Well, she always is quiet, but you get the idea.)

Our suspicion is that she is attracted to the aromatic plant recently placed on the table after being brought inside from the cold. She apparently uses nearby chairs as her launching pad. Though she has knocked items off the table in the process, so far nothing has been broken.

So, after rearranging the furniture slightly, we hope that we've put an end to her new adventure. Sorry, Maddie!

1 comment:

Stalin said...

I love how the picture has a picture frame that was clearly knocked down by the leap. We have to put sticky mats under places our cats like to leap onto to reduce the amount of destruction.

Hope she has lots more tricks for Thanksgiving :)